My name is Wayne McDonough. I’m the eldest of three children and originally from a small town in the West Midlands.

In 1996 I relocated to East Sussex to attend Brighton University. Over a 4 year period I completed a BA Hons Degree in ‘Computing and Information Systems’.

Upon graduation I started an IT consultancy company and began to contract technical support; managing desktop client, server and infrastructure escalations for ‘Southern Water’.

In late 2000 I moved to a permanent position in ‘Dow Jones’, commuting daily into London. I also moved home to a small coastal resort in West Sussex. While at Dow Jones I was fortunate to work in Athens, Budapest, Dublin, Jerusalem and Madrid, completing server and client office installs, upgrades or systems improvements. Later I was made team lead working across London in Holborn, Covent Garden and Fleet Place offices.

In 2003 I took a Level 2 Trade Floor support contract position with JP Morgan Chase, utilising my Wintel background, picking up experience supporting Market Data applications in an investment bank environment. In 2005 contracting ceased and I moved to a permanent position as an Associate, still with JP Morgan. To ease commuting time, I moved nearer to London (on the Sussex-Surrey border). While at JP Morgan I moved into Tier 3 Trade support, from there into Global Third Line Virtual Desktop Support and finally into Global Level 3 End User Problem Management.

In 2014 we became proud parents with the arrival of our daughter. During a busy 2015 we sold our properties in an effort to fund relocation plans, finally moving back to that small West Midlands town (Halesowen) in mid-February 2016.